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Pilot, Dramedy

A runaway struggles to care for her little sister while waiting tables at one of New York City's most prestigious restaurants, but will only succeed if she can win the trust of the colorful team of servers who stand in her way.

Comps: Orange is the New Black meets Party Down

Read an excerpt of Sidework here


Feature, Drama

A couple on the brink of divorce suddenly find out they're pregnant, forcing them to face the realities of their crumbling relationship, their meddlesome families, and whether or not to keep the baby.

Co-writer: Menelek Lumumba

Read an excerpt of Brie and So-So here



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Pilot, Spinoff

Called as a slayer in 1970 in the gritty underbelly of New York City, Nikki Wood balances the act of being both a mother and "the chosen one," all while grappling with the recent loss of her beloved.  The series chronicles the rise and ultimate fall of one of the most iconic slayers from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer canon.

Read an excerpt of Nikki Wood here


Animated Feature

A group of rag-tag ornaments from the bottom of the box go on the ultimate Christmas quest; how does an ornament make it to the top of the tree?

Comps: Toy Story meets Mean Girls, but at Christmas

Excerpt of Holly Jolly coming soon

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