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D I R E C T I N G  R E E L

Q U I C K   R E S U M E

  • LIT Videobooks | Director of Production                                              April 2021 - Present

    • Direct live-action content in all videobooks, containing both narrative and recreation storylines

    • Develop production pipeline to produce 2-3 videobooks per month, on-time and under budget

  • Applause New York | Film Department Manager & Director                 January 2013 - April 2021

    • Directed and produced hundreds of viral YouTube videos (highest with 166 million views)

    • Created production pipeline to produce 150+ short films per year

    • Over 30 kids signed with agents after coaching one-on-one in workshops, many now in film/movies/Broadway

 S T R E N G T H S

  • Character-based pieces

  • Directing kids of all ages

  • Experienced working with a wide variety of budgets

  • Strong rolodex of NYC crew

  • Running a collaborative and safe set

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